Seven goals for 2019

Earlier this week, I made a list of my nine top accomplishments of 2018.

Now that 2018 has shuffled aside for 2019 to take its place, I decided to make a list of my goals for 2019.


  1. Find an agent for my lesbian horror novel. (Submitting to a publisher that pulled an offer because I expressed discomfort with a non-author-friendly clause taught me that I don’t know my way around the publication industry as much as I thought. I was naive to think I didn’t need an agent, so finding a good one is my top priority this year.)
  2. Finish at least one of my two in-process books. (Finishing both would be awesome, but since my passion for one of them comes and goes in weird spurts, it might be asking too much.)
  3. Continue blogging twice weekly, minus holidays, vacations, and illnesses.
  4. Surpass my record of most kink videos sold and most money made off kink videos during one month.
  5. Lose at least twenty pounds. (I know, I know. Not one of those resolutions. But the amount of weight I’ve gained since the cross-country move in 2017—in large part because my body is irritated by something in the air here, giving me all kinds of respiratory issues that have made exercise difficult, to say the least—has affected my health and overall quality of life. I’ve already started making changes for the better, and I hope to continue throughout 2019.)
  6. Be diligent about setting aside a portion of my income for taxes so it’s not a mad scramble when the time for my quarterly payment rolls around. (The worst part of self-employment by far.)
  7. Buy a new blazer. (Look. I frickin’ LOVE suit blazers, okay, and I have not bought one for literal years because of the aforementioned weight gain. In 2019 I will change this.)

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