Nine 2018 accomplishments

We’re only hours away from 2019, and everyone is doing roundups, best-ofs, and other lists to celebrate the end of 2018.

Having only just refocused and reinvigorated this blog, I can’t quite do the same. But I can tell you about the things I accomplished in 2018 that I’m most proud of.

Checklist and pen

  1. Wrote a lesbian horror book. (Absolute top of the list. I thought I’d never be able to finish one, but once I found the right story, it was surprisingly easy.)
  2. Submitted the book for publication—and got offered a contract. (For someone with severe social anxiety, this was nearly as huge an accomplishment as writing it in the first place.)
  3. Attempted to negotiate the aforementioned contract. (I ultimately failed—the offer got pulled in retaliation—but I’m still proud of myself. The impulse to ignore a clause that made me really, really uncomfortable just so I could have a book published was strong, but I resisted. And I don’t regret it.)
  4. Started blogging again. (Another significant triumph over social anxiety.)
  5. Unspeakably Erotic: Lesbian Kink, an anthology edited by D.L. King that I’m published in, was named winner of the 2018 Independent Publisher Book Award Gold Medalist in Erotica. (Not my accomplishment alone, obviously, but it’s still awesome news!)
  6. Beat last year’s record for most videos sold and most money made on my indie solo kink porn. (Which I did by nearly doubling the amount of work I put in for four months straight—unpleasant but worth it.)
  7. Got my first-ever luxury facial from an aesthetician. (I have Issues about people touching me, so this was quite a feat. Loved it so much though. Wish I had the money for another.)
  8. Had one of my favorite comic artists recommend my fan fiction to their thousands of Twitter followers. (The angst I continue to have over not being able to shout this from the rooftops, since I don’t want to overtly “out” my fandom persona, is considerable.)
  9. Began writing a second and third book. (I’ll be prouder if/when I finish, but just starting is an accomplishment, right?)

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